a new exhibition by artist John Walter

CAPSID deals with issues of identity using the lens of cutting edge scientific information about how viruses work. CAPSID is a new exhibition by artist John Walter at CGP in London 17 May - 8 July 2018 and at HOME in Manchester in October-December 2018. The exhibition is the result of collaboration between Walter and molecular virologist Professor Greg Towers of UCL. A Large Arts Award from The Wellcome Trust and funding from Arts Council England Grants for the Arts support CAPSID.

CAPSID builds on previous projects, including Alien Sex Club (2015), in which the artist has updated the discussion around HIV in visual art by using a Maximalist aesthetic, spatial design and humour. Capsids are protein shells contained within viruses that help protect and deliver viruses to host cells during infection. The project uses the imagery and narratives associated with the ground breaking scientific research to create a new immersive installation comprised of drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, costumes, videos, hospitality and sound.

Exhibition Dates:

Café Gallery Projects, London June-July 2018

HOME, Manchester October-December 2018