Transfection Posters

Early on in Walter’s collaboration with the Towers Lab at UCL, he produced a series of safety posters to encourage vigilance. Transfection is the process by which genetic material is inserted into cells in order to experiment with viruses such as HIV. Genetic material has key pieces removed to ensure live virus is not recreated, thus avoiding infection. However, transfection has become such a common practice that scientists often forget the dangers involved. These posters aim to remind scientists of the dangers of transfection by intervening in the standard informatics aesthetics in the lab.

Cytoplasm Paintings

The cytoplasm of the host cell is a highly organised environment comprised of a complex array of molecules. It is also a hostile environment for foreign bodies, such as viruses, to inhabit. Walter’s Cytoplasm paintings draw influence from this microenvironment in order to reinvent and rethink what a colour field can be; an aesthetic maelstrom, albeit driven by an apparent purpose. They are made using wide paint pens and are covered in marks that are printed in acrylic paint using slices of foam swimming pool noodles and the packing foam used to protect framed pictures.

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