Crep Suzette A Shoe Show
John Walter and Bert McLean
LUVA Gallery 25th July 2019


Crep Suzette: A Shoe Show is a new collaborative installation by John Walter and Bert McLean. The artists have known each other for 15 years but this is the first time they have exhibited together. The show title puns on the slang for a trainer and the classic French dessert. Walter and McLean have both been using shoes in their recent work. For Walter this is manifest as an interest in the anachronistic children’s cartoon The Shoe People, which feature in his new large-scale acrylic paintings The Shoe People Paisley. For McLean this is manifest in a series of paintings and sculptures called Balenci Wontons that conflate his studies at Cordwainer’s College, his 1000 strong collection of shoe drawings from childhood and his experience working at the Thai pop up restaurant Bangkok Delivery Boy. These two diverse bodies of shoe themed work collide in a shared aesthetic philosophy that favours the shonky, the maximal and the popular. Prepare to enter this year’s hottest shit-flicker!

Photos: Jonathan Bassett