Dream Season Part One

Commissioned by UP Projects as part of This Is Public Space in autumn 2016.

Dream Season, Part One (2016) was inspired by Russia Dock Woodland, a public park in Rotherhithe in the London Borough of Southwark,which is relatively unknown.
The park has been formed out of a former dock basin and is unusual for the forest-like planting it contains, which gives it an atmosphere of being in the countryside despite its proximity to the City of London on one side and Canary Wharf on the other.

The work explores this spatial paradox in episodes that move the two main characters through the range of spaces provided by the park and the housing that border it.
The work is filmed on an iPhone, bringing to mind films such as Tangerine (2015) by Sean S. Baker and highlighting the role that smartphones play in how we relate to the city through experiences such as cruising.
The effects of these developments are to shift the relationship between the figure and the landscape in Walter’s fiction and to emphasise the opulence of the costumes that his character’s wear as signifiers of melancholy.

Dream Season, Part One (2016) demonstrates several developments that have occurred in Walter’s work over the past five years, which are encapsulated in the artist’s conversation with longstanding collaborator Jamie Quantrill, whom he last worked with on EPITOME (2011).
Conversations between Walter and Quantrill in preparation for shooting the video focused on the increased importance of linear narrative, of removing animation and post-production and prioritising pre-production elements such as location.
The video builds on new possibilities for Walter’s work that grew out of Alien Sex Club (2015). It is the first of Walter’s videos to feature actors rather than the artist himself.

Artists Jamie Bradley and Joshua Way play the roles, allowing Walter to develop his role as director, costumier and prop-maker.
The onesies that that characters wear are covered in trimmings that are hand-sewn by the artist. Several props and costume elements were acquired during a recent trip to Japan.