The Fourth Wall
Look Again Festival
7 - 16 June 2019

The Fourth Wall is a 360° immersive video exhibited in Virtual Reality. It builds on my experience of working in video, animation, computer-aided design, collage, painting and sculpture but abbreviates these approaches into a completely new kind of maximalist aesthetic by compressing and hybridising them.

The extraordinary Marischal College is the setting for The Fourth Wall. It features within the composition, recurring as a leitmotif that changes scale and character over time much like a melody varies within a song.  Alongside historical references such as the obelisk that once stood in the quad, and Aberdeen as the site of a typhoid outbreak in the 1960s, traced to Fray Bentos corned beef, images and slogans from my repertoire are conjoined in a complex adaptive system of saturated colour that creates a dizzying immersive experience of the site.


The optimum conditions for viewing the 360° video are in an Oculus Go headset:

Photos: Grant Anderson and Sean Steen