17 works by John Walter from CAPSID have been acquired by the Arts Council Collection

Coverage of Look Again Festival in The List

The Fourth Wall
A new commission for Look Again Art Weekender
Marischal College, Aberdeen
June 2019
The Fourth Wall is a new Virtual Reality experience that tears up the rulebook about immersive space
by applying techniques from collage and painting onto gaming and animation.

Al Dente
A new exhibition curated by John Walter for SKELF
17 April - 16 July 2019

Bermondsey Paisley
A new commission for OMNI Colour
Summer 2019

Brexit Gothic
New solo exhibition
September 2019

Studio Visit "John Walter Owes More to Punk and DIY Culture Than Art School"
by Emily Gosling on Elephant:

A review of my talk Beyond Queer Minimalism at The British School at Rome in February 2019 on ATP website.
Documentation of the talk here:

The new monograph John Walter: CAPSID published by HOME is now available: