Latex vinyl on honeycomb board with acrylic and oil on canvas (each in 4 parts)
122 x 244cm


This series was produced during my time as artist-in-residence at the Kavli Institute for Nanosciences, TU Delft, The Netherlands. These paintings build on the series Synthetic Boteh. Each has three paintings inserted into it; a heart-shaped painting quoting the graphic novel Watchmen; an oil painting of one of my paisley mascots; a circular painting based on a Delft Blue plate. The story of Delft Blue porcelain is equivalent to that of the Paisley Pattern; It is a style and technique imported to The Netherlands via the East India Company and then domesticated. These smaller paintings are conjoined within a complex pictorial field of my Piggyback Paisley patterns. This series learns from research into building a synthetic cell. The cytoskeleton is a key aspect of this - a network of filaments and proteins within the cell that help regulate its shape and transport intracellular components. By transposing scientific analogies onto questions of composition in painting I am able to address combinatorial problems in a new way.

Photographs: Jonathan Bassett